iStock_000007096914_Small copyHere at Stark Firs, we know a nice-looking apartment can still fall short of its resident’s expectations if the place isn’t responsibly kept up for the long haul. Having managed some of East Portland’s finest apartment communities since the late 1980s, we have a rock-solid maintenance regimen that keeps our units functioning at full capacity.

We’re conscientious about each and every component to apartment upkeep, a diligence our clients can genuinely depend upon. If a repair becomes necessary, we direct our own highly skilled in-house “handyman” team—which includes electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and painters—to the task.

As a Stark Firs tenant, you can request service at any point by logging into your tenant portal and filling out the “Maintenance Request” form here at the website. If it’s an emergency, please give the Stark Firs office a direct call to ensure we’re able to respond as quickly as possible.