Stark Firs aims to provide well-designed and beautifully maintained rental housing to tenants across East Portland.

iStock_000014603981_Small copyWe’re a property-management company founded on strong commitments to our clients and our community. Whether we’re rehabilitating a new property under our care or we’re presenting prospective tenants with the rental homes that best match their needs, we pursue a course of honesty and integrity at all times.

Stark Firs was founded by Moe Farhoud more than 25 years ago. Always inspired by the possibility and promise of America, he aimed to provide opportunities for any tenant to discover a high-quality and high-value living space in the Rose City. We continue to operate with this goal in mind—and the pledge to improve the Portland neighborhoods we service through all of our work.

From Ascot Acres on Stark Street to Beavercrest Apartments on NE 162nd, you’ll discover an entire family of first-rate rental properties under our management here at Stark Firs.